The Muslim Threat

Thilo Sarrazin presenting his controversial book

Presenting his controversial book: Thilo Sarrazin

Germany is becoming stupid and it’s the Muslims’ fault.

Germans should be able to live among Germans and should not live in a country where the main language is Turkish or Arabic, women wear head scarves, and daily life is organized by the call of the Muezzin.

Says Sarrazin. His rhetoric is certainly more than just questionable. It has made him the target of public criticism and has driven him into resignation from his job as a member of the executive board of the Deutsche Bundesbank and a member of social democrats.

It is obvious why he received so much criticism. What’s surprising is that hardly anyone who does so has not read his book. This does not by any means mean that I support his theses. However, Sarrazin’s direct and offensive language has almost averted objective discussions on a topic that is not only of national but international importance. (“Es geht mir vor allem um Klarheit und Genauigkeit, die Zeichnung ist daher kräftig, nicht unentschlossen oder krakelig. “)

Sarrazin based his argument on facts but his language stands in his own way. While it is true that, for example, the German elite and academic families have fewer children than Muslim families from predominately lower class backgrounds, it is very problematic to find cultural reasons for the  IQ of Muslims, which – on average – is lower than the IQ of Germans. If you take this whole argument one step further and claim that the above statement is also due to genetics, it becomes impossible to discuss it objectively.

In a very blatant way, Sarazzin mixes facts with myths or half-truths and claims that our society has turned Darwin’s theory of the survival of the fittest into a survival of the most fertile, i.e. the Muslims. The truth behind this argument is that lower class families in Germany have more kids than academics and many immigrants, unfortunately, still belong among the least educated part of society. This cannot, however, be blamed on genetic defects caused by intermarriages but is more likely to originate in the cultural value of education in general and the education of women in particular. Furthermore, Muslims usually learn differently than Europeans.

That's not funny, Ahmed!

In the Western world, logical thinking and independent thinking are valued much higher than in the East. (Another problem is that these arguments usually generalize and are thus, prone to stereotyping certain ethnic or cultural groups. This article is no exception.)

Research shows that the decisive factor in a child’s intellectual development is not their national or cultural background but the upbringing and education. During childhood and adolescence, the child’s IQ grows by about 5 points per year and about 80 % of this growth happens in school. While intelligence is hereditary, the genes only play a minor role in the development of cognitive ability.

I don’t want to defend Sarazzin’s theses in any way, but the public reaction to his book shows that he touched a very sensitive topic in Germany. Germany is divided into two sides either supporting Sarrazin or resolute opposition. Ist er ein Hetzer oder ein Held?

2 thoughts on “The Muslim Threat

  1. I agree. However, there are apparent problems in Germany. But I don’t approve of Sarrazin’s methods and rhetorics at all. He is going too far. Even if he might have a valid point here and there, he should have phrased it differently and by also giving reasons based on pseudo-sciences he isn’t credible. So yes, there are problems caused by immigration, but these are not due to cultural or biological inferiority and everybody has to work on resolving these problems.

  2. Ein Hetzer!

    (Sorry, Markus…that’s my opinion.)

    The fact of the matter is that immigration isn’t going away–precluding measures too drastic to be morally palatable. So instead of using pseudo-science to establish the inferiority of one group, everybody needs to work on finding common ground.

    He is right about one thing: Das alte, blonde Deutschland schafft sich ab. A mulicultural Germany IS different than a homogenous Germany. What Germany is turning into is different than what Germany was. But that’s the way the planet turns. Things change.

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