New Age French Poetry


photo by Emilie Johnson

A new kind of French metro poetry meant for text messaging can be quite confusing, especially for non-native French speakers. Emilie Johnson’s blog post “Matuvu” breaks down how the word “Matuvu” really means “M’as-tu vu” in French metro poetry. It is the same idea as English shorthand phrases that have been created, like “CUl8r” or “c-ya,” meaning “see you later.”

This particular French slang word is a fun play on words because “Un Matuvu” also stands for “Un M’as-tu vu” and can be translated into English as “A Show Off.”

I think it is very clever and useful when young people create new slang or short-hand for communication mediums such as texting (SMS) or instant messaging. It is especially useful in the French language, which can take a long time to write out fully with so many dashes, apostrophes and accented vowels.