“Tight with money, arrogant, unable to hold their drink and always on the lookout for girls…”

"Hohn, hohn!"

"Hohn, hohn!"

The above quote is a summary of what tourism workers from around the world think about French tourists.

According the article, “Are French tourists the worst in Europe?” a recent survey taken from 40,000 hotels in Europe and North America voted the French as the most hated European tourists in the world.

One contributor to the France24 Observers article basically said the French are know-it-alls, who barely give a non-native French speaker a chance to complete his/her sentence as impulsively correcting grammatical errors seems to be higher up on the priority list.

In all honesty though, isn’t this a common occurrence in other parts of the world as well? Haven’t you caught yourself “helping” a foreigner speak in the language of your native tongue? What about correcting the grammar of a friend or family member whose first language is your own?

Let’s be real…if you’ve received, or are receiving, a degree in journalism, communications or English, you are bound to have done this. And probably more than once.

Now, there are more criticisms of French tourists in the article, but are they all valid? Is it fair to generalize the French in such a negative way in this kind of survey?

Perhaps the worst kind of tourists are not the “French”, but are in fact, “Parisians”. In my travel experience, this label seems like it could be more accurate.

What do you think?