Poor, Sexy and Stupid?

Guess what? It’s time to reelect the mayor of Berlin! The current mayor, one Klaus Wowereit, is the apparent reelectee. But wait, doesn’t Berlin have major fiscal and social problems? Yes that is true, the unemployment rate in Berlin is close to double that of everywhere else in Germany. Along with its high unemployment rate, Berlin’s public schools are rated as some of the worst in Germany, and real estate investors are raising the price of rent so high the average citizen can’t afford them. So why is the mayor, that has served for over 10 years now, being reelected?

Picture from Oliver Wolters

It’s quite simple; it might be the fact that the people of Berlin love his easy going, and quick thinking attitude. Or it might be the fact that he “Came out of the closet” during a political party conference, this makes Berlin one of Europe’s 3 major cities with a homosexual mayor (Hamburg, Paris, Berlin). Either way, Berliners love him regardless of the obvious problems that he seemingly shrugs off.

The problems Berlin faces aren’t something to shy away from, rampant joblessness, cars being set ablaze by unknown arsonists, a very unreliable public transit system, and the fact that the school system is one of the worst in Germany. Like I said before, the unemployment rate in Berlin is close to double that of Germany as a country. This, accompanied with the rising price of rent, is forcing many people out of their homes and onto the streets. The increasing amounts of homeless people, some people may argue, is both straining the public transit system and the police force. Recently there have been a rash of cars being set ablaze by unknown arsonists. But with these problems being so blatant and obvious why isn’t the mayor addressing them? And better yet why is he going to be reelected?

This too is a simple answer, during his term as mayor; he has transformed Berlin into a European cultural hub. He turned the once divided city, into a united city with a unique identity. He has also been very forthcoming in the bringing of movies and other activities to Berlin. He was also the mayor that adopted and pioneered Berlin’s slogan “Poor but Sexy”. However if the problems continue as they are now, he may have to change the slogan to “Stupid, Poor, and Homeless”.

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3 thoughts on “Poor, Sexy and Stupid?

  1. @ Alexander Skelton:
    if you refer back to the article you will notice that i was not calling homeless people “stupid”. my intention with the new slogan was that the people of Berlin aren’t the smartest in the world because they’re electing an incumbent “failure”. All i was pointing out was that the previous slogan should be changed or altered.

  2. I agree that in a material world, where success is measured in the amount of items we acure , ambling in circles towards death, (where our items eventually turn to dust) this situation sucks.

    However having lived in oppressive economic situations where you have to steal toilet papers from gas stations and go dumptster diving for your next me, I can tell you this…When I was fending for myself, it was a lot more of a rewarding life. To sit and be, and to help allow others to do the same in the midst of maelstrom of economic and political bullshit, has made me the persona I am today….Having been to berlin, life is good for the most part, and what little there is can be shared.

    Don’t be so quick to call those poor and homeless people stupid, because maybe just maybe, they are living a fuller life than us. Streets aint so bad if you got some people you love aroudn you.

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