Vladimir Putin: The Man and the Meme

Few world leaders are as easily recognizable as Russian President Vladimir Putin.  His unique looks, as well as his antics, have made him a favorite subject for many silly jokes and memes on the internet, which I will post here for your enjoyment.


Meanwhile in Russia…

The first image which should come into your head if you’re thinking about Putin, or Russia in general, is of course the President riding a bear.  If riding bears isn’t impressive enough for you, he also has been photographed riding sharks, eagles, meteors, whales, mammoths, skydivers, and ICBM’s.  I suppose when he isn’t busy trying to mount some of the deadliest animals or objects known to mankind he sometimes finds the time to ride his motorized tricycle around Moscow.article-0-0DA0177300000578-915_634x449tumblr_kuxr34jtOb1qzeu38o1_400


I think that’s Russian for ahsdufuhsabedb

People complain about Russia’s obstinate negotiating strategies, but Putin must care deeply about what the rest of the world thinks of him  judging from the notes he was jotting down during recent talks over the civil unrest in Ukraine.


Putin on the Ritz

I wonder if Putin realizes that he has become such an internet phenomenon?  If he did, then maybe it would make him happy to be so well loved across the world and Russia would become a much more welcoming and less staunchly conservative place.  Even though he might not get the reference, how could he not smile at this?

Putin will undoubtedly be riding high into Russia’s 2016 national elections, so I’m sure we’ll be seeing much more of Vladimir’s hi jinks before its all said and done and the internet will be there, waiting intently for the next meme-worthy moment to transform it into comic gold. ae6a3220-7269-0131-c44f-4e3b4eb21dea